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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ways of the wise road users

Wise Road Users are attentive, alert and considerate to others.  They do not blame circumstances, conditions for their behavior.  They are not distracted by eating, smoking, and making or receiving call while driving.

Wise Road Users have a reality-seeking attitude.   They know  that defensive driving habit seem to go hand-in-hand with  figuring out how the traffic rules and regulations operates and dictate what will happen under what conditions.  So they seek for road traffic knowledge and wisdom.

Wise Road Users remain open-minded, flexible and receptive.  They know that all explanation and reasons to bit deadline and meet-up schedules are all pointers to Road Traffic Crashes waiting to happen.

Wise Road Users are non-reactive while taking on the road, rather they are proactive people that recognize their responsibility.  They do not lash out, if there is a traffic jam, wise road users will quickly adapt to that condition.  Reactive Road Users are often affected by their physical environment.  Wise Road Users accept the present moment from the Center of awareness, energy and goodness, and quiet joy.

Wise Road Users plan their journey if they must travel.  They map out the route to travel, the time and the means of travel ahead of time, they do not give ride to strange passengers except on rescue mission for Road Traffic Victims.

Wise Road Users sees the Road Traffic environment holistically.  The road, the environment and the driver.  It is a system (that is, a whole that consists of interacting and interdependent components in a persisting pattern of relationship).  The relationship that define this traffic system frequently capture out attention, we can see them directly.  Unfortunately, these system relationships tend not to be as flashy or grubby.  Wise Road Users recognize the relationship even though it may not be flashy.

Wise Road Users take notice of their relationships and cruise their way to safety.

Wise Road Users knows himself.  He knows the condition of himself; he knows whether he can drive better with a corrective Glasses or not.  He knows when to terminate his driving for day.  He knows his strength and weakness and corrects them.
Reactive road users will always suspend what is supposed to be done now.

Wise Road Users are aware that the greatest challenge in life is thinking; and doing what ultimately matters and brings success, but when the head is off, bones fractured, property lost to Road Traffic Crash; it becomes impossible to do things that ultimately matter and bring success and happiness.  So fasten your seat belt properly and adopt the ways of the Wise Road Users to avoid Road Traffic Crash.

RS6.31 – EKET.

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