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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Remember to follow science laboratorologists


Remember to uphold the virtues of this profession as enshrined in our CODE OF CONDUCT FOR MEMBERS leaflet which I hereby reiterate for the purpose of reminder and if you wish reflection and re-spiriting.

It reads as follows;

NISLT has a set of ethics it expects members to apply in their practice. Following this set of ethics is one of the key features that defines the professionalism of all chartered laboratory scientists and technologists. You must base your actions and judgement on these core ethics:

1. Act with honesty and integrity . Be trustworthy in all that you do - never deliberately mislead, whether by withholding or distorting information. Never put your own gain above the welfare of your clients/employers or others to whom you owe a professional responsibility. Respect their confidentiality at all times and always consider the wider interests of society in your judgements.

2. Be transparent. Share the full facts with your clients or employers, making things as plain and intelligible as possible.
3. Be accountable. Take full responsibility for your actions, and don't blame others if things go wrong.

4. Competency limitations. Be aware of the limit of your competence and don't be tempted to work beyond these. Never take on more than you can deliver. Seek professional advice/help where and when necessary.

5. Be objective at all times. Give clear and appropriate advice. Never let sentiments or your own interests becloud  your judgement. Your decisions must be informed.

6. Respect the dignity of man. Never discriminate against others. Treat human beings with dignity and be a value adding member of your environment/profession.

7. Set a good example. Remember that both your public and private behaviour could affect your own, NISLT and other members' reputations.

8. Have the courage to take a stand. Be prepared to act if you suspect a risk to safety or malpractice of any sort.

9. Dress well. Your appearance must appeal to persons who wish to do business with you.

That is NISLT working!
Have a wonderful professional resourcefulness and versatility week!

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