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Monday, October 22, 2018

Dental health education


The above mentioned topic has been opted to be discuss in this forum in consideration of its essentiality in conservative dentistry(preventive dentistry) in prevention of common diseases associated with poor oral hygiene and promote good oral health in general. Oral health is linked with general health in a several ways that is why it is considered as a manifestation of overall health.
    Oral hygiene has been endorsed as a key to resolve the common oral problems which affect the critical portion of our population today. While poor oral hygiene play a vital role in causing difference infections numerous to mention which would lead to destroy, damaging your oral or other parts of your body entirely or even lost of life.
    General hygiene is also quite imperative as we have oral manifestations of systemic disease which are usually the early signs of certain diseases affecting a particular system in the body, this indicated that oral health can highlight or rule out the status of general health, therefore to keep your self and family healthy oral and general health must be taken in to account.
 HYGIENE: this word simply means practice of keeping the body clean and protect it from been in contact with microorganisms (pathogens).
  Oral hygiene can be achieved by using oral hygiene aids:
Toothbrush or chewing stick
Dental floss
Mouthwashes etc.
Importance of good oral and general hygiene:
-it promote good appearance
-it improve or restore normal function of dentition
-it prevent or make oral cavity and entire body free from infections
-it promote refresh feeling
-it stimulate the  function of general body systems e.g(blood circulation).
    Some measures to maintain good oral hygiene
  -brush your teeth daily at least twice a day i.e in the morning after breakfast and in the night before going to bed.
-floss daily I.e remove debris lodged in a inter proximal or stagnation areas.
-restrict taking refined carbohydrates.
-avoid alcohol consumption.
   Some of diseases that are associated with poor oral hygiene are:
-Halitosis(bad breath).
-gingivitis (infalmed gum).
-periodontitis(inflamed periodontium).
-oral cancer.
-dental caries(hole on the tooth).
-cancrum oris etc.
  Therefore, oral health is the investment of our life.

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