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Friday, October 19, 2018

Accelerated diploma program for the Nigerian police


Start Date: ANYTIME
Diploma in Police Studies,
Diploma in Security Studies ,
Diploma in Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Management

Lectures: ONLINE
FEES: 70,000 Naira
Payment Plan negotiated by Nigeria Police.
50,000Naira on admission and 20,000 Naira before the completion of the Diploma program.
The Nigeria Police is collaborating with the Summit Leadership Institute, Nigeria, a subsidiary of Policing Centre of Excellence, UK, to provide accelerated professional diplomas for interested Nigeria Police officers, rank and file and civilians. 
The objective of the agreement to support and partner with Nigeria Police to deliver these diploma programs is to promote professionalism in the delivery of modern policing services to the general public in line with international best practice.
The program which has been jointly reviewed by the Nigeria Police Training Department and accredited by the Policing Centre of Excellence, UK, will teach the officers how to improve their policing capabilities and develop skills necessary in delivering equitable services while fighting anti social behaviors and growing extremism. Summit Leadership Institute in collaboration with PCoE is committed to producing law enforcement officers and leaders who are able make ethical decision and take swift action, while being mindful of the challenges of policing a democratic society.
The program is facilitated by Summit Leadership Institute, Nigeria and Policing Centre of Excellence, UK who are at the forefront of thought leadership and intelligence gathering, analysis and management. The program is anchored around relevant content and activities such as, in and out of classroom role related projects which are designed to address real time issues.
Curriculum: The curriculum is designed as a road-map that incorporates all the latest thinking and ways to develop excellence in organizational and public leadership. The carefully designed bespoke courses and training packages contains different streams on law enforcement decision making, ranging from critical administrative, operational effectiveness to strategic management of intelligence. The curriculum also provides lessons that help delegates to apply new insights into the specific challenges of their organizations. 
Program Review: The program is delivered using appropriate adult learning strategies, such as peer-based learning, simulations, team assignments, and project-based learning. The program will be constantly reviewed and refreshed through input from the steering committee made up of Faculty, Nigeria Police Force and our International Policing Partners.
Coordination: The program will be coordinated by NPF's Training Department, facilitators from Summit Leadership Institute, Nigeria and Policing Centre of Excellence, UK.
Duration: The three months Diplomas are made up of nine core subjects and a five thousand words on law enforcement research based paper. To qualify for a Diploma, a student must have successfully completed all courses and the assessed papers. Ideally, the accelerated diploma course should be completed in three months, but owing to personal and situational circumstances beyond some of our student's control, a diploma course could be stretched up to a maximum of six months. Whilst you are working towards your qualification you will have contact with experienced lecturers, members of staff at the PCoE and associate lecturers. Our course administrators and representatives of your organizations will also be available to deal with any administrative related matters.
On completion of the Diploma, graduates will have:
  • Advanced knowledge and critical understanding of key concepts in operational knowledge, theoretical intuition and current technological developments related to, Intelligence Gathering, Police Studies and Security Studies.
  • A sound knowledge of the theories and methods used to enhance understanding of the issues, processes and phenomena associated with particular fields of security in relation to crime prevention.
  • An advanced knowledge and critical understanding of investigative methods within the disciplines of security and human activities.
  • A solid foundation for future career in a security related career or progression into management within security field.
  • Equip you with an understanding of key issues in contemporary local, national and international security.
  • Achieve a balance between breadth and depth of study in contemporary expectation of the security services by providing you with a coherent mixture of theoretical and practical study.
  • Provide you with competencies and skills to understand real life situations in relation to security problems and to be able to seek appropriate intelligence led solution to the challenges posed by criminal behaviors.
At the  conclusion of the course, successful candidates will receive an internationally recognized Diploma in Police Studies; Diploma in Security Studies and Diploma in Intelligence Gathering from the Policing Centre of Excellence, UK. 
Grading and Assessment Methods 
50% Online based lecture participation and reading assignment (Handouts or Study Pack).
30% Five Thousand Words Diploma Research Paper on Agreed Topic at the conclusion of the course.
20% Final examination on selected and agreed subjects.
Five Thousand Words Diploma Research Paper on Agreed Topic: Topics for the 5000 words research with a guide paper on research methodologies and approaches will be discussed in the classroom. Completed research paper should be submitted on or before the last day of the program.
Examination: A two hours examination will be administered at the conclusion of the program based on four courses to be determined. Lecture notes and other reading materials will be made available.
Payment and Refund Policy

Payment of course fees is due two weeks (10 business days) after being accepted on a course. If accepted less than two weeks before the start of a course, payment is due within three business days of acceptance on a course. Full payment should be received in advance of the course a delegate is registering for except where NPF has made an arrangement to defer twenty five thousand Naira for three months after the commencement of the course. Please, do not remit payment through your own organization.

Transfer/Cancellation Policy

We understand plans/schedules can change without much notice. Each case will be treated on its own merit with utmost understanding guaranteeing the best outcome for the student and SLI.

Course Suspension

If you are enrolled in a course and would like to suspend your enrollment for the same course to a later date, please notify the SLI or our international  partner as soon as possible in order to enable applicants on the waiting list to participate.

What do I need to do now?

Now that you have decided to pursue a Diploma, you need to contact us or your organization  and see how we can assist you to accomplish your goal.
Step 1 - Identify the Diploma you wish to study for
It is important that you read and understand all the relevant parts of the Diploma course(s) for which you are applying before completing the application form. This is to ensure that you are familiar with the course content and requirements. If you require further information about the course, then please contact the SLI Advisor (using the contact details on the contact us page) or your organization liaison person.

Step 2 - Completing the Application Information
Before you start to complete the  application form, you should make sure you have the following information:
Personal Information, Academic qualifications or Work experience, Names and contact details, including phone numbers or email addresses, of two Referees 

Step 3 - Complete the Application Form
Before submitting the application, please ensure that all sections are completed as fully and as accurately as possible.

What next?

Once we receive your completed application we will make an assessment of your application. If you are successful and we make you an offer, you will receive further instructions about what to do next, including payment options.

All applications should be filled online at the SUMMIT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE's website or at Policing Centre of Excellence website.  Alternatively, you can also apply using a downloaded or printed application form provided by your local NPF appointed Coordinator.

Institute's Policies and Information

Academic Honesty Statement: The integrity of the academic enterprise of any institution of higher education requires honesty in scholarship and research, academic honesty is required of all students at the Summit Leadership Institute and our affiliates. Academic dishonesty is prohibited in all programs of the Institute.

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